The Suspension Letter Twitter Sent UberTwitter and Twydroid

Today twitter suspended both ubertwitter and twydroid today for “policy violations,” but didn’t say why. Well, I got my little brown hands on the letter twitter sent them when the sh** hit the fan.

February 18, 2011

To whom it may concern,

We are sorry to inform you that we have made the very difficult decision to suspend the use of your application by twitter users. As you know, we’ve had a long and successful relationship with you and we’re very sad to see it come to an end. Unfortunately, twitter has strict standards and expectations when it comes to the use of our site and a quick review of your clients’ activity shows a deficiency in meeting them.

Months ago we sent you a warning letter about the amount of time your twitter client spends fully operational. We found that your 99.9% success rate violates our policy of only working half the time. We also found that users of your application were pleased with the aesthetic, were able to block millions of bots and report them to spam without any trouble, and had access to the old, preferred way of retweeting.

While we understand why you’d make such a high quality product available for free to users, we simply cannot tolerate its inconsistency with our way of doing business.

For that reason, use of your application has been suspended indefinitely. We promise not to make the reasons for the suspension public if you don’t.

Thank you for your outstanding commitment to users of twitter, and we hope to work with you again in the future when your standards are low enough not to compete with our officially produced applications.

Warm regards,


**This letter is not real. Okay?

Tech Crunch has the real scoop…Twitter says Ubermedia was violating privacy with DMs longer than 140 characters and changing the content of users’ tweets among other sort serious charges. They said the problems have been ongoing since April of 2010. I definitely don’t want Twitter to be like Facebook and say privacy and rules be damned, but I haven’t found a better twitter client for blackberry than uber twitter.

Tweetdeck is my favorite desktop client but not yet available for blackberry. Social Scope is pretty popular and users seem satisfied but it’s private invitation only. I guess the hope is that us ubertwitter folks and twydroid people will whine for a week and then use one of the applications twitter created itself. I’ve used twitter for blackberry and was not impressed.



  1. This reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where one of the guys replaced Newman on his postal carrier route while he took a vacation (illegally) and he got busted cause over 80% of the mail was delivered and the brass KNEW something was up. *shakes fist*

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  3. Well, can understand them not wanting DMs w/over 140 characters. I mean, isn’t that what Twitter prided itself upon when it first came out? So I can understand them wanting to maintain the standard. And changing people’s tweets/words, that’s not right!

    • In all the articles I’ve read, I still can’t find out what tweets were changed. I really want to know. Bill Gross who owns UberSocial said that that complaint was in regard to an accusation Twitter made about their relationship with Amazon. He also said the complaint wasn’t true.

      For the DMs, I believe that was a twitlonger/TMI issue. They fixed that. Although, people shouldn’t be using twitlonger or TMI for regular tweeting much less DMs. But I agree that’s an issue.

  4. So, Twydroid is back but it seems kinda broken. It never updates any more. Twitter suck. :(

    • Really? I haven’t switched back to uber twitter…well, it’s uber social
      now. I’ve been using social scope.
      I’m curious to see what twitter will do next to try to force us to use their



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