How Twitlonger, TMI, TallTweets, and Deckly Are Ruining Twitter

Let’s just jump into this. If you tweet me using any service like twitlonger that allows you to use more than 140 characters, I will not read it.  I will not click. I will not clack. I will not skim, scan or glance at it.

Got it?

Twitter allows us to do two things: 1. Engage in complete conversations using its API and 2. Share links to informative content. When you use character extension services, you are violating number 1 and impeding my ability to determine whether or not your tweet belongs under number 2.

Plus it just looks stupid. Ever seen someone try to curse someone out using twitlonger? It goes like this:

First of all, I don’t know who the HELL HE THINKS HE IS. He thinks he’s slick!! WHEN I SEE HIM I’M GONNA


Further, these services make tweeters lazy. The point is to be creative and concise not just with your own tweets but when you modify the tweets of others to add your comment.

Tweet counts matter less, but I once saw someone talking about people who have too many tweets, and when I clicked on their page it was full of twit longer links. Their tweet count probably should have been much higher than it was. Their tweet count was also lowered by the fact that no one was responding to them due to their being almost no content available on their timeline that didn’t require clicking on the outside link.

The worst of the worst? Twitlonger links inside of twitlonger links. I once got curious about a tweet that seemed juicy and clicked on the twitlonger link only to find YET ANOTHER TWITLONGER LINK.

I don’t like disappointment. It was that day I vowed that no matter how juicy a tweet may seem, if it’s preceded by a link to more tweet text I’m not falling for the okie doke.

Scary thought–what if EVERYONE started using extension services? Before tweetdeck released its latest update, there was no way to turn off their silly ass deckly service. Most people I follow do not approve of these services but suddenly my timeline was full of them because people kept forgetting that deckly was on. Imagine an entire timeline full of half-expressed thoughts that may or may not be complete when you click off of the site. How dreadful.

I’m of the mindset that if something would be detrimental for all to use, then probably no one should use it.

Of course the choice to twitlonger is yours, just know that I and many others will not readlonger. Deal?



  1. In the beginning, I scoffed at tweetlonger. Then, I wanted to try it. Now, I once again scoff at it.

    I thought it was a cool feature to have, but it quickly turned into a nuisance on my timeline. I don’t like TMI conversations, and I agree that people should become more creative/skillful tweeters.

    I no longer click on extenders links. I read the main tweet and keep moving.

  2. Use/abuse of extension services is a reason to delete you from my timeline.

  3. Two thoughts:

    1: I agree that these services are annoying and destroy the user experience, but they will stick around for a while because the Twitter client platform that supports each service integrates it into the user experience. So users of Uber don’t have to click those links, they are automatically expanded into their timeline. It’s the rest of us that have to suffer through it. Tweetdeck initially did this with their implementation, but it wasted so much space on the screen (and that real estate is at a premium in Twitter apps) that they changed it back to a link. The only way they will change or go away is if Twitter forces them to.

    2: The link-inside-of-a-link problem is a flaw in the design and implementation of the short link services. A smarter implementation would be able to avoid that, even across shortening services, by expanding the referenced content before condensing it in a new short link post again.

  4. I won’t go as far as deleting someone from my timeline, but I seriously considered filtering them out of my timeline with TweetDeck. I think I would miss some people’s timelines entirely.

  5. UGH! I HATE extension services on twitter. It’s as if those that are FREQUENT abusers of such services forget and perhaps don’t know rule number 1 of twitter: keep your damn thoughts, rants, jokes, comments, statements, whatever the facks up to or under 140 characters…I mean, it can’t be THAT hard. I’ve been success with 12000+ tweets AND I know JDan has with over 100K! At this point twitter needs a standard tutorial…and the developer of those extension services needs to be the first to take it.

  6. “The point is to be creative and concise not just with your own tweets but when you modify the tweets of others to add your comment.” THIS RIGHT HERE!!!

    america is already on some dumb-level shit & is trying HARD to drag the rest of the world down with her. it’d be interesting to study how many non-americans are using these extender services. i mean, we are swiftly falling down the ranks when it comes to all things intelligence-related but leading the pack in consumption of bullshit services & products. extenda-tweets make me doubt their users’ brain capacities.

  7. My thoughts exactly! If your comment, thoughts, rants, etc are longer than 140 characters, how hard is it to just break it down into a few tweets instead of using twitlonger?! It really isn’t that hard. I promise you! That’s who twitter need to be shutting down. Someone on my TL uses twitlonger like it’s cute.

  8. Yes!



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