Cool Job Posts: Rue La La Seeks Blog Relations Manager

I used to do a lot of job posts on media strut but they got kind of boring. So maybe I’ll just do the cool job posts…

I ran across this one for Rue La La, an online shopping site that many of my friends seem to be familiar with. I also see the site tweeted about quite a bit. I suppose its in the vein of sites like HauteLook and MyHabit where you sign up to receive notifications for discount sales–much of it high end. They describe their company like this:

The companys mission is to partner with these innovative and sought-after brands (currently over 500 of the best and counting), offering them a powerful online sales and marketing opportunity by introducing them to a highly motivated Member base and enabling them to move merchandise in a private selling environment. And Rue La La does so with one key mantra ” it respects and maintains the core integrity of each and every brand with which they partner.

And here’s a highlight from the job listing:

  • Identify trends taking place in viral marketing, blog and social networking communities
  • Work with PR , Social Media, and Creative teams to ensure alignment of all initiatives across all channels
  • Collaborate with internal and external creative resources to define a unique and distinct brand voice that reflects the brands attributes of Rue La La
  • Develop content guidelines, branding guidelines, share best practices/feedback and offer guidance for social media efforts with local and national social media teams
  • Experience & Requirements:
  • 4-5 years post-college experience in social media or community management or digital public relations for consumer industry


For more info and details on how to apply, visit Mashable.




The Suspension Letter Twitter Sent UberTwitter and Twydroid

Today twitter suspended both ubertwitter and twydroid today for “policy violations,” but didn’t say why. Well, I got my little brown hands on the letter twitter sent them when the sh** hit the fan.

February 18, 2011

To whom it may concern,

We are sorry to inform you that we have made the very difficult decision to suspend the use of your application by twitter users. As you know, we’ve had a long and successful relationship with you and we’re very sad to see it come to an end. Unfortunately, twitter has strict standards and expectations when it comes to the use of our site and a quick review of your clients’ activity shows a deficiency in meeting them.

Months ago we sent you a warning letter about the amount of time your twitter client spends fully operational. We found that your 99.9% success rate violates our policy of only working half the time. We also found that users of your application were pleased with the aesthetic, were able to block millions of bots and report them to spam without any trouble, and had access to the old, preferred way of retweeting.

While we understand why you’d make such a high quality product available for free to users, we simply cannot tolerate its inconsistency with our way of doing business.

For that reason, use of your application has been suspended indefinitely. We promise not to make the reasons for the suspension public if you don’t.

Thank you for your outstanding commitment to users of twitter, and we hope to work with you again in the future when your standards are low enough not to compete with our officially produced applications.

Warm regards,


**This letter is not real. Okay?

Tech Crunch has the real scoop…Twitter says Ubermedia was violating privacy with DMs longer than 140 characters and changing the content of users’ tweets among other sort serious charges. They said the problems have been ongoing since April of 2010. I definitely don’t want Twitter to be like Facebook and say privacy and rules be damned, but I haven’t found a better twitter client for blackberry than uber twitter.

Tweetdeck is my favorite desktop client but not yet available for blackberry. Social Scope is pretty popular and users seem satisfied but it’s private invitation only. I guess the hope is that us ubertwitter folks and twydroid people will whine for a week and then use one of the applications twitter created itself. I’ve used twitter for blackberry and was not impressed.


The Anti-4Square. This App Helps You Avoid People

I don’t have a 4 square account and I doubt I will get one. I don’t think I go that many cool places that I need to “check in.” But who knows, fall is my favorite time of year and thus the time when I’m busy and more likely to do things that will make all of you envy me.

Right now I doubt anyone wants to see me “check in” to Kaiser North Capitol or Harris Teeter Jenkins Row. Nevertheless many of you are using 4square, and I’m sure some of you love when you see people you don’t want to run into check in somewhere that way you know NOT to go there.

Just like everything else, there’s an app to help you with that. It’s called Avoidr.

From Mashable:

Basically, the app works as a plugin for your Foursquare account (much like apps like Assisted Serendipity, but even more simple). You can label your Foursquare friends with a variety of colorful terms, and then choose to hit “Avoid.” Clicking on “Places to Avoid” will yield a list of venues at which your foes are currently present. Unfortunately, it appears as though this is only a web-based app. It would be much more useful if it e-mailed or pinged you alerts, like the aforementioned Assisted Serendipity.

I think this is a cooler use of technology than telling people were you are. For the full write up on the app and to see what it looks like, head over to Mashable.




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